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Here you can find my previous music and videos released under the artist name Vioulet.


In the Fog/神隠し

In the Fog/神隠し is largely an exploration of identity, divinity, and duality. As a mixed queer person, it has been a process to find wholeness in a world that often seeks to define things in singular terms. Being more than one ethnicity or race often makes people think of you in parts instead of a whole. Being gender queer and being more androgynous poses confusion to a world that is just now beginning to see beyond the binary of male and female.

This film is largely about the journey of finding identity, wholeness, and one’s own divinity. Like in Miyazaki’s film Spirited Away, the ordinary world meets the spirit world and what unfolds sometimes feels like heaven and other times hell, but through it all there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I have found my light and it’s shining brighter than I ever thought possible.

Big thanks to all the folks who helped make this magic happen. DIY


Matthew Takata Shepherd: Director, Writer, Producer, Key Cast "Vioulet," Editor

Naomi Takata Shepherd: Director, Producer

Erin Chastain: Key Cast “Kei”

Janelle Ludowise: Key Cast “Kei”

Jaime Lucero: Cinematographer

Full video coming soon! Check out a lil more about the film here: 

Featured in:

Mixed Asian Media Festival (Virtual Festival) September, 2021

OutfestLA (Los Angeles, CA) July 21, 2019 

Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival (Portland, OR) August 10, 2019 - Best Experimental Film Award 

Denver Underground Film Festival (Denver, CO) March 23, 2019 

Dumbo Film Festival Official Selection - February 2019 

Mindfield Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA) Winner 

Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles, CA ) Finalist

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (Los Angeles, CA) Semi-finalist 


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